Saturday, December 29, 2007

So long to 2007

I've already shared my 2007 Christmas letter summing up the year with most people who would be interested. So for this blog, just a short and non-comprehensive list of a few interesting bits and changes from my 2007:

Favorite discoveries: Spaced; cooking reality shows (Top Chef, The Next Food Network Star, The Next Iron Chef, etc.); Flip Happy Crepes; Scrabulous (online Scrabble)

Favorite new person met: My baby

Scariest experiences: Pre-eclampsia; turning 40; being stranded on a busy highway overpass at night in a small car with 3 kids; interviewing people by phone for the articles I was writing

Saddest experience: Losing our pet bunny after 10 years

Most unexpected experiences: Natural childbirth; writing a magazine column; eating mushrooms on purpose; connecting with so many old friends online

Weirdest experiences: Very quick childbirth; my husband having to travel with almost no notice; seeing my brother acting in a movie

Biggest blessings: My adorable, sweet baby; the generosity of others

Most impressive accomplishment (to my kids): Beating everyone else in the family in Big Brain Academy on the Wii

Things I missed most this year: Sleep; free time; silence

Out with the old: Good-bye to my defunct laptop computer, computer mice, car engine, radiator, alternator, and water-damaged kitchen floor (the last of which was removed yesterday and is being replaced Monday!)

Most ridiculous joys: My hilarious dancing baby; winning the Mountain Dew mini-fridge I entered 90+ times for, months after I thought they'd stopped sending out prizes

Sunday, December 23, 2007