Friday, July 02, 2010

Five fantastic things on Friday

I'm alive!'s been months since I posted. Just felt moved to break out the old blog again because there were so many things I was happy about today and I remembered the Friday Five meme! Though it's more like a Thankful Thursday one day late!

Five Fantastic things this Friday:

1. Cozy beds on rainy days
2. Good music
3. Good books
4. Candy
5. Encouraging friends

There are more, so many finally potty-trained 3-year-olds who say cute, loving things, & comfy, lived-in jeans, & thoughtful people, & cooking competition shows on TV, & inexpensive treats that make kids smile, & the right words at the right time...but I'll stop there for today! Thanks for being there, those who are still there ;-) , and may you find more than 5 fantastic things in your life today, too!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

If all goes well...

...the house I'm selling will close tomorrow, 9 long months after we moved here. Time to "March 4th" into the next phase of our lives! :-)

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy Haiku Year

Happy 2010! I haven't quite settled on my "theme" for the new year, but it's something along the lines of calmness, peace, rest, & tranquility. Not that I don't want to accomplish anything--far from it--but I want to approach things with a calm, steady attitude instead of getting frazzled or frustrated.

In keeping with that attitude, I've decided, on a lark, to try to write haiku every day of the year. Not "real" haiku with a nature theme and possibly variable lengths, nor anything I'm spending more than a couple of minutes on, but just snippets of words in a 5/7/5 syllable format, to sum up something about the day.

I don't plan to share them all online--some may be too personal, boring, or forced--but I thought I'd share my first two, and maybe some others occasionally through the year, to keep me doing it. These are also subject to revision...I just rewrote the first one from scratch before posting this!

Family gathers
to share black-eyed peas and greet
the year we've just met
On 01/02/2010 (note how the date is the same forward and backward), I bought new journals, went over last year's journal to review the year, and watched the 10th Doctor regenerate on Doctor Who:

A palindrome day
is a good day to look back
and to look forward

Farewell, Tenth Doctor
Hello, new journals and year
Let's regenerate