Thursday, March 20, 2003

While everyone is waiting with bated breath (or beeted breath...) for me to finish my beet-related book, let me direct you to the web site of my online friend Chérie B. Stihler, who has another veggie-related book, The Giant Cabbage: An Alaska Folktale, available for purchase right now. She has lots of fun cabbage-related stuff on her site, including a "dress the cabbage" game. And take note: she has Girl Scout cookies, and is not afraid to send them! ;-) When I sent her a cabbage lady decoration I happened to have (yes, one can just "happen to have" cabbage lady decorations), she responded with a treasure chest of Girl Scout cookies, candy, Alaskan toys & goodies, & even some beety treats! The least I can do is plug her book!

As for me, I'm not writing too much at the moment. The world situation has got me down, as it probably has most of us. But I do believe we need stories, and hope, and fun, to get us through life and hard times, so I'm sure I'll be back on track before long.

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