Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I was looking at some old image files on my computer, and ran across this fortune I got in a cookie a year and a half ago, which I'd thought was worth taking a picture of:

Still waiting.... (Editors? Agents? Bueller? Anyone?)

Meanwhile, I can't believe there's a new character on Cyberchase (my kids' favorite show) named Creech. Creech was one of the names we joked about naming our child before we had kids! Ours was a boys' name, Creech Trantham, but this Creech is a girl with some lovely antennae. Other boys' names we claimed to be considering included Stranphthner, Tavist D (after the medication), Bruceville Eddy (from a highway sign), Dylan Bob (try this with Dellenbaugh), and the Biblical name Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz. For girls, we rejected Abnera DeWaynette, Ornith Corinth, Clabbie Klempenstadt, Lacy Lakeview (another highway sign), Prunellabelle Stanielle, the Biblical name Oholibamah, and Onkaly Muldween. Think we need to have more kids so we can use them? Actually, one of our names, Pug DeMoss, has become a crucial character (or really, a family of characters--Pug DeMoss, Sr., Jr., III, and IV) in my Purple Panic novel! Guess I'd better hurry and finish the novel before a TV show uses that one, too.


Anonymous said...

Alison: I didn't post here before due to shyness. Thanks for visiting my baby blog. Yours is an inspiration. Too bad I can't link mine to it. Oops. About the fortune: the world is quite old, so maybe "soon" in world time is a bit slower than "soon" in Alison time. Or, maybe the fortune is a meaningless bit of paper. (I've saved several myself that appear to be fortuitous. And 110 folks in Tennessee who just played the numbers on the back hit 5/6 and won big, big $$. So maybe there's something to it after all.)


Pam Calvert said...

I LOVE this fortune pic!!!

I got one that said, "You are about to come into a large sum of money."

Ahem, it definitely wasn't talking about my advance. Tee hee! (But I was hoping!)