Friday, July 14, 2006


  • It is Bastille Day.

  • It is Cow Appreciation Day.

  • My youngest son is 5½ years old, and we'll be having a small half-birthday celebration for him (we started celebrating the kids' half-birthdays because his real birthday is close to Christmas, and a year is a long time for a small child to wait).

  • I am 11 weeks pregnant with our third child! The due date as of now is Groundhog Day 2007 (February 2). We've had a few scares with a dental emergency I had and a car wreck I was in that totaled our van, but we've seen the baby on ultrasound recently, and so far so good! :-)


Lisabell said...

Wow, Congrats!!

Alison said...

Thanks, Lisa! And congrats on your new job & big move!!