Monday, March 26, 2007

Blogs I have known

I've been tagged by Liz Scanlon to list 5 blogs I read regularly that are not related to children's literature. I've been putting this off, because...well, most of the blogs I read are related to children's literature. And the ones that aren't are mostly personal blogs of people I've known in real life, not necessarily intended for mass audiences. So I've been wracking my brain to think of a few to list.

One of the funnest I've come across lately is SenseList, a blog of interesting lists created by an old friend of mine. He also runs the Interesting Thing of the Day blog, although it's not quite daily at the moment. (But I noted that SenseList actually did have a post related to children's writing--in this case, writing by children--recently.)

I've also been known to check out some blog communities such as British Comedy and Dr Pepper Freak, and meme sites like The Friday Five (or metablog The Daily Meme).

And, more locally, I sometimes check out

Seems like this meme's been around a while, so I'll just tag anyone who still wants to play.

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