Sunday, March 12, 2006

Never underestimate the power of a Slurpee

Two bits of joy:
  • After an ill-advised flirtation with Pepsi Slurpees, the 7-11s around here have brought back Coke Slurpees! Hallelujah, I can slurp again!

  • Today I found a working Windows version of the old Tetris Max video game (Tetris knock-off) that I was extremely addicted to on our Mac in the mid-90s. The game looks tiny on a new XP machine, but playing it again was like visiting an old friend, & more importantly, it has the right music! I'm a little leery about having the game on my computer again (let's hope I don't find myself dreaming about Tetris pieces & subconsciously assigning them personalities again...), but I'm thrilled to have the music! The last Windows version we tried of it didn't have the music, which is haunting & fueled my addiction to the game. I thought I'd never hear it again, so it's giving me the same happy nostalgia thrill as that yummy Coke Slurpee I had last night.


Beth said...

lol, I had to completely block tetris from my computer life. I even disconnected my internet for a brief while because I was having nightmares about losing tetris.

Cute blog!

Lisabell said...

That is SOOO funny about Tetris. I can say that is the ONLY video game I've ever been addicted to (or really played at all, for that matter). I actually went three days in college w/out going to class because my roommate's boyfriend had brought over his Nintendo and Tetris and I couldn't. stop. playing.

You are braver than I. I have never attempted it again since those three days of darkness. ;)

Alison said...

Oh, I shouldn't have done it. I really didn't think I'd get addicted again. Instead, I've been playing for a couple days straight, and not only do the pieces have personalities, I realized I was subconsciously thinking of a couple of them as having political leanings! (Um...the right-wing piece that faces right and the left-wing piece that faces left.) Yes, I am certifiable. And I'd like the men in white jackets to take me away so I can stop this insanity!