Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The past lives on at Amazon

Wow, Amazon has a long memory! I got an e-mail today saying that people who bought books from a particular author (DB) whose book I had bought often buy books from another author (SG). So, they thought I might be interested to know SG has a new book coming out. I remembered DB's name, but I knew it had been a very long time since I bought that book. So I looked up my complete order history & found the only time I bought a book from that author... it was my first-ever Amazon purchase, on October 29, 1996! How many order suggestions must they send out if they are combing through data from nearly-10-year-old purchases?!

And speaking of Amazon & things from my past, one of my most recent Amazon purchases was The Best of the Electric Company on DVD. I've been waiting to see this again for a long time (um...about 3 decades!), and it's just as fun as I remembered--or actually, slightly more so, since it hasn't aged as badly as I feared. My 5-year-old is loving it. (He even had to get up & dance about punctuation.) And I've kept laughing out loud myself. I was shocked to find out that over 6 seasons, they made 780 episodes! This DVD set includes 20. Check it out!

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Crazy MomCat said...

I read about this new DVD somewhere else too and instantly wondered about it. I don't buy a lot of DVDs, so I may have to rent it. But, I'd love to see it again!

The pirate picture of your boys is too adorable! What a fun way to spend a birthday!