Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I heard about a new book called This Day in the Life: Diaries from Women Across America, which features 34 women's diaries from a single day, June 29, 2004. I checked my blog & found an entry for that day. I guess it was a pretty productive day, because the midgrade story I mentioned revising is now slated for publication in an anthology from Blooming Tree Press, and the YA story I was entering in a contest received an honorable mention in the contest, & I later got notice it's being considered for a different Blooming Tree Press anthology. To complete my "diary" of the day, here are excerpts from the e-mails I sent that day.

Now stop me before I blog again! A few months ago I was averaging one post a week, if that, and so far this year I've made 9 posts in 10 days. I actually drafted another yesterday & decided not to post it after all. I guess blogging helps me avoid what I really need to be doing! But I hate to keep shoving my previous brilliant posts out of the way before people even get to read them. ;-)

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