Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sweet Home Sarasota

We're here! We made it to Florida in the late afternoon yesterday. Nearly our whole 3-day drive was rainy. It was even pouring as we drove through St. Petersburg, which was named the sunniest city in America. The whole Sunshine State thing wasn't resonating with me... But amazingly, just as we drove over the Sunshine Skyway bridge heading from St. Petersburg to the Sarasota area, we drove into the sunshine and it has stayed with us since. Our moving truck won't arrive until at least tomorrow, so we have a very small subset of our stuff. Unfortunately, we brought my laptop computer ourselves, and it was a casualty of the move! Right now I'm using my husband's laptop from work. My laptop monitor was destroyed, but I am very much hoping the data is salvageable. My writing was backed up, but our digital photos from the last few months only existed on that hard drive, and I'd also lose several years worth of e-mail, etc., not to mention that I can't currently remember any of my passwords for checking my e-mail from another computer! Whoops. Anyway, except for that, so far so good. We need to try to get a hasty physical for my younger son today so he can start preschool here (he just had one in November but they want it from a Florida dr!), & we want to take my older son by his new elementary school. We also need to get the younger one's glasses fixed, as a screw fell out for the billionth time and they're being held together by a safety pin--which the dr may not take as a sign we're taking good care of him! ;-)

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