Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My "baby" turned 5 this weekend...hard to believe! The camoflauge, warpaint, or whatever it is on his face is left over from a dinosaur hunt:

Okay, theoretically babies can't read, tie shoes, drive bumper cars, or do one-handed cartwheels, all of which he can, but if my husband can still be the "baby" of his family, this little guy can be ours!

Even though we're moving out of state any day, I bought a special State of the Arts Texas license plate when I renewed my plate a few months ago. I love it! With the new screen-printing and font, it looks even better than the one in that picture. I'm so glad I got it, even at the last minute. I'll hate to remove it for one of the Florida ones, none of which I'm thrilled with (not even their arts one...), though I expect it'll go on my office wall. If you live in Texas, buy one of these plates and support the arts! (There are also several literacy ones available.)

Things I will be glad to leave when we move: ROAD CONSTRUCTION, ROAD CONSTRUCTION, & MORE ROAD CONSTRUCTION! Saturday I had a nightmare morning with 2 major roads I needed to turn across completely closed off. I was diverted miles out of my way in each case, & started thinking even 2 weeks is too long to live with this! I'll also be glad to leave my horrible, inconsistent "broadband" Internet connnection that knocks me offline constantly and seems to get slower speeds than my old dial-up! Supposedly our new Florida connection is much better (though the cable TV doesn't have a big menu of movies to rent at any time like ours does here...huh?!).


Andrea said...

Hi, Alison! How are you? Those little ones grow up too fast, huh? Nice blog! Thanks for the comment on my blog. It's funny stuff, writing.

:) Andrea

Janet Gurtler said...

Cool that your five year old can read. Mine can't. :)

Janet G