Sunday, January 22, 2006

Only in my dreams

After several bad dreams that woke me up last night, I went back to sleep and dreamed I already had a book published & hadn't realized it! In the dream, I hadn't really counted it because it was written under assignment from an editor, instead of being my original idea. Yet it was an attractive hardback novel with my name on the cover (actually it looked a lot like Cynthia Lord's book Rules...), so I decided I might as well count it as my own book!

In reality, I'm frustrated because my move has put all my writing projects on hold since October, when we found out we were moving. I thought that once we got there, I could finally throw myself back into writing, but we're moving in such a disorganized fashion that it now looks like I'll be trying to sort out all the junk from my move for months! Even worse, we're just moving into a rental home that we don't see as a long-term solution, so we'll probably have to do it all again within the year. I'm still determined to carve out time for writing in the new place even if I'm surrounded by boxes and chaos at the time, but it may be hard to clear my mind for it.

In other dream news, a few nights ago my son Kyle (the one who just turned 5) crashed in my bed at 5 am after a bad dream of his own (bizarrely, he has recurrent bad dreams about Richard Scarry's Busytown!). Around 7 am, I was up getting ready in semi-darkness while he was still asleep on the bed. No one was around him or touching him, and his brother Ryan was still asleep in his own bed, but Kyle suddenly said, loudly, "Ryan MADE me push him!" He was fast asleep at the time. I'd say that was a very telling dream!

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