Monday, January 23, 2006

A novel approach to my novels

An idea stolen from another writer friend...

10 ways you can tell you're reading a novel by me:
  1. It has bizarre touches such as beet restaurants, gum-crazed towns, or cat romance novels.

  2. The characters think too much and don't do enough (I'm working on that...).

  3. Characters may have odd names and/or talk about their names or nicknames.

  4. It's a bit wordy.

  5. The characters eat constantly, often fast food or something weird.

  6. No one seems to say anything harsher than "crap."

  7. Beets are mentioned somewhere in the novel (seriously, I mention beets in all of them!).

  8. It's not that heavy on setting.

  9. It's a little angsty, even if it's humor, and a little humorous, even if it's angsty.

  10. You know it's going to be laughed off the shelves the next big thing!

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