Friday, January 27, 2006

Last night in Texas

It's our last night in Texas! Which ought to seem momentous after I've spent my whole life here, but the move has been so long in coming (3+ months since we found out about it) that I'm just ready to get it over with. The movers finished packing & loading today, & left with our stuff by 4:30 pm. My husband ended up giving some of our large unwanted stuff (sleeper sofa, loveseat, broken dryer, and dining table) to one of the movers, so our oversized giveaway items are gone. The kids and I spent the day at the house of Kyle's best friend, which was pleasant. In the evening, we had a last Texas dinner at Pok-E-Jo's barbecue, bought a portable DVD player for the long drive (I had really resisted ever getting a DVD player for the car, but 20 hours with 2 small kids in a confined space...sheesh!), and bought sleeping bags for my husband and me so we'd have somewhere to sleep tonight! We wanted some anyway. We're having kind of a family slumber party tonight in Kyle's room. We still have to get rid of the last food in the fridge, pack our van better, & get a few more small items out of the house, but we hope to hit the road in the morning. Even with all of the stuff out of it, I still don't like our house, so except for the fact that this is the house I brought both my babies home to, I won't be too sad to say good-bye to it!

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