Thursday, January 05, 2006

I've been sorting through what I hope are the last of our old unsorted clothes (including some remaining baby clothes, costumes, bedding, etc.). I can't believe how many clothes we had! This is after giving away 8 or 9 garbage bags' worth already! I've also had a tendency to keep things for sentimental reasons, which I'm trying to get over. I'm still having trouble parting with a few remaining shirts from the 80's. It's not like I wear them anymore, but a couple of them just seem too dear to part with. (And I might always get invited to another 80's party--though the time I went to one before, I ended up buying my outfit at Goodwill anyway!) I suppose I shouldn't listen to 80's music while I'm sorting the old clothes, huh?!

Meanwhile, we went to one of those coin sorting machines with all the change we found around the house, including a few jars of coins we'd been adding to for years, and even after they took their cut, we ended up with over $127! I knew it was a lot of change, but I was still stunned. That's 4 or 5 times the amount I would have guessed.

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