Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ready or not... they don't come! We were so not ready for the movers, we managed to put it off another day. So now they're coming tomorrow instead! Which is mostly a relief, though I'm a tad disappointed this won't all be over today. I just hope we'll be able to get the rest done today considering how exhausted we are now. I got NO sleep last night, and my husband got maybe 2 hours. He is sleeping again now, but I'm terrible at napping. But I know I'll need renewed energy to be ready for tomorrow. Too bad a construction crew is currently using an excavator to dig a huge hole in the street right outside of my house, about 30 feet from my bedroom window (I have no idea why) it's awfully loud for trying to rest. They've also completely blocked off my driveway and a large area around it, so I hope a moving truck can ever get near!

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